But in fact, what are these programming languages for?

  • LELEU Guillaume
  • 06 Apr 2023

Each computer language has a specific function and purpose. Here is a brief description for the most known and used languages on the Coding School: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Python.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

This is a markup language used to create your static web pages. It is used to structure the content of a page such as titles, paragraphs, images and links.  

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

This is a language of style sheets used for the formatting and presentation of your web pages. CSS allows you to define the style of text, colors, borders, backgrounds, positioning, layout and formatting of HTML elements.

The union of HTML & CSS

HTML and CSS are complementary languages, if you want to create a site you will have to use both. Here is an image to illustrate the fact that without CSS, a site in HTML will be ugly and therefore will not make users want to stay on it.


PHP (HyperText PreProcessor)

This is a server-side programming language used to create your dynamic websites. PHP allows you to interact with databases, to collect data sent by forms and to create dynamic web pages that adapt according to the data received.

SQL (Structured Query Language)

This is a database query language used to store, manipulate and retrieve data stored in a database. SQL allows you to query and retrieve data in an efficient manner, using queries such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

The union of PHP & SQL

PHP and SQL are most often used together. Indeed, when you fill out a registration form, the data will be processed in PHP and sent to the database with an SQL query.




This is a versatile programming language used in a variety of applications such as data science, automation, web development, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This language is known for its simplicity, readability and ease of learning. It allows to develop applications and scripts in a fast and efficient way. Finally, this language is taught in high school so you should consider learning it as essential for your professional career.

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