Why is it important to have a good domain name?

  • LELEU Guillaume
  • 21 Mar 2023

In this article we will see why it is essential for your business to have a good domain name !

Brand identity

Your domain name will be the first link between you and your consumers. Today, when we look for a company, we will directly type its name on the internet in the hope of having a site to visit to learn more about the company in question.  It is therefore natural that the domain name reflects the brand identity of the company and that the site is in line with your colors and logos. For example, if you are a florist, you will tend to use a green color for your site.


Natural referencing

As seen previously, consumers will want to access your website via search engines. Search engines practice SEO, which means that they put the most likely sites that you could search for at the top of the list, which is why your site should be the first one when someone searches for your brand name on the internet. For example, if I search for NEOMA I want to find the school's official website and not that of a competitor or a malicious site.



Having a good domain name is a mark of professionalism that shows you are willing to invest in your online presence. It is therefore preferable to buy a domain name with a known extension (.fr, .com, .net for example) instead of using a free domain name which will bring a long name and could retract consumers to visit your site, thinking that your site is temporary or unofficial.


Brand Protection

When you are starting out it is important to protect your brand. Having a domain name can help you protect it against misuse of your name or cybersquatting, which is registering a domain name similar to yours to harm you.


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